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Parents of sick child

Hello this is …'s mother and father, We would like to give a huge thank you for the donation you provided to our family. We are going through a rough journey at the moment and are greatly appreciated and will use this money to help us pay for our sweet baby girls expenses of being away from home. We could not have even imagined that we would have this opportunity to get help from a foundation like yours. We know that God is with us every step of the way and you are a definite blessing to us. I hope this foundation is open to more and more people for many more years because this really means so much to our hearts at this time of need. Thank you again God bless your kind hearts for having this opportunity set up for us and other families who are in the same situation and in so much need. Our social worker is heaven sent and we are thankful to have her ready to reach out to you and let us know you existed. God bless this foundation.

"definitely keep referring families"

We are so blessed to have a.k.a.  There are so many needs for these families that insurance does not cover and the families are lucky to have a.k.a to help out. I will definitely keep referring families for your kind help.

-Social Worker

"BIG MAHALOS to this  Non-Profit"


My name is Puaokalani. I just wanted to say BIG MAHALOS to this  Non-Profit organization that has helped my family in need. I just really appreciate everything that you do for all the families that are in the same situation as we are in, so again thank you so very much for all your help.

With love and appreciation, 

Mom in NICU

We send our heartfelt thanks for providing us some support and sustenance in a time of great and terrible uncertainty for our family. We appreciate the work ♥ that you

do for our families and others who are dealing with serious illness in their little ones.

In gratitude-

"could really use the help"

Thank you so much for the check and the help because of help it was one less thing I had to worry about. Thank you so much for the help at this time I could really use the help.

A Keiki’s Aloha a.k.a.


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What could be a bigger crisis than having your child face a major medical problem? The answer is being sent off island, away from family, friends and your support network to face that challenge alone. Then, the financial challenges come – usually one of the parent’s travel with the child and that means one less income coming into the home. Rent or mortgage payments, utilities, phone and other bills continue coming in while the additional costs of being away from home kick in – food, maybe lodging, transportation, etc. On top of this is that many of these families are under everyone’s radar, except for those with the support to mount their own fundraising campaign, which is very few of those facing this problem.
A Keiki’s Aloha Foundation a.k.a.♥. helps these families financially and in other ways at this critical time.

A Keiki’s Aloha Foundation Inc. is a 501(c)(3) which  is recognized as a tax exempt organization with the IRS and the State of Hawaii. We have helped dozens of similar Hawaii families previously under Sammy's Keiki Aloha Fund. We serve families from all of the Neighbor Islands in Hawaii.
All donations are fully tax deductible.

Some of our the families who we have helped recently:

Baby in NICU from very low birth weight -1 1/2 pound.
One-year-old with congestive heart failure
4-year-old with Complex medical condition requiring treatment on mainland
9-year-old with Liver Cancer (Stage 4) hospitalized since diagnosis
6-month-old baby with major cardiology diagnosis requiring surgery - waiting for heart transplant
16-year-old diagnose with Leukemia - air ambulance to Oahu and there since Dec 2023



Keep these children and families
in your Thoughts & Prayers

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