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A Keiki’s Aloha Foundation a.k.a.



A Keiki’s Aloha Foundation - a.k.a. is a 501(c)(3) organization in Hawaii. It is founded by the same people who founded and established A Keiki's Dream Program and Sammy's Keiki Aloha Fund which also offered support and assistance to children in crisis and children with major medical issues.

All children must be full-time residents of Hawai'i and be referred by a Medical Professional with a caseload to refer the neediest or most appropriate children and families


A Keiki’s Aloha Foundation here to help the families of local children in Hawaii who face major medical conditions or other crisis and to support these families during the most critical time in their lives.


In Hawai'i, we are surrounded by the ocean. Sometimes, it is a friend and brings us closer together as family, as an ohana. Other times, it is a foe as it leaves us on our own, separating or isolating us. The ocean is also  a connector, linking us to people and places in its vastness. Major medical Issues force these family to be on their own and away from home at such a critical time. 

a.k.a. reaches out to them and offers a connection, one at a time, to decrease that isolation. Help us to reach out to each family, and let them know that they are not forgotten as we send aloha and help from home.

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